At the party for foreigners who came to Japan to see the final of the Rugby World Cup, I went to the venue and went around the venue and performed magic that showed off magic.

The guests were supporters of England, not only from England but also from various countries such as Australia and Africa.

The time is 2 hours from 13:30. There were about 60 guests. The place is a restaurant in Nishiazabu.

It was time for the rugby finals, so everyone was excited.
It was hard to get into the middle of the story, but when I called out, it was a pleasure to look at the magic and it was surprisingly overwhelming, so those who were doing it were also rewarding.

This time, there were few people who could speak Japanese, so I did everything in English.
The English ability of speaking is not very important, but it was a type of magic that I could see close by, so I was able to manage it while adding Jester.
Magic requests in English are likely to increase in the future, so I thought I had to study hard.

Unfortunately, England lost, but we went to the finals, and it was a good memory because everyone came together and got excited.
If you are returning to the UK, please be careful.