How much does it cost to hire magician for a Halloween party?



When you call a magician for a Halloween party and want to excite the party, how much do you pay? it might be.

There are few people who have ever called a magician, and I don’t think there are many people looking around.
You may have no idea what to imagine.

If you look at the site, there are many magicians without a fee. It is stated that you will get a quote as soon as you inquire, but it is troublesome to inquire.
Why wouldn’t the fee be listed in the account in the first place?

I think there are various reasons for this, but there are times when the conditions are quite different for each Magic Show project.
The number of customers is very small and the amount of work changes. It is difficult to describe in detail in advance.

However, it can be described as a reference price to some extent.
There may be some up and down.

At home parties etc., it will be around 20,000 yen to 23,000 yen including transportation expenses in Tokyo.

In children’s associations, etc., it fluctuates depending on the number of people, but in most cases it will be around 25,000 yen, at most it will be within 30,000 yen.

Corporate events are a little more expensive, but still cost around 25,000 to 35,000 yen.

I’m sorry that you can not write the exact amount, but please understand that there is also a side that we will guide you as much as possible without considering the budget etc. for each case.

I will give you an actual quote immediately, so please consult us.