In the seasonal events, Tanabata in the summer and Christmas in the winter have long been the mainstream in Japan, but in the last few years autumn Halloween has come to match these two.

Halloween feels like a new event in Japan, but I used to go to Hakodate in Hokkaido where I used to go to get some sweets in the neighborhood on Tanabata day. There was no such custom in Tokyo, but this is the same as going for a treat while saying a trick or treat for Halloween, so if you follow the origin, you may end up in Halloween customs.

I don’t know the recent situation in Hakodate, but are you still getting sweets for both Tanabata and Halloween?
That would be very nice for children.

I hope the new event will take root in the spring. Is there anything else? It is around this time that I wish that a fun event like Halloween could be held in the spring.

This year’s Tanabata has passed, but Halloween is just around the corner and Christmas is coming soon.

You can still sign up for the Halloween Magic Show, so please contact us.

Inquiries gradually increased during Christmas.
I think that the secretary and the director who are planning the event in the child society and the community should consider it.
For a small amount of money, a party can become a many times more memorable and enjoyable one.