This is a magic show at a Halloween party in an English classroom.

The number of children is about 40, and they are children from 3 years old to about 5 small children. The length of the show is 60 minutes.
Everyone was wearing cute costumes.

The magic I did was

  • The emergence of champagne
  • Magic tricks with Trick or treat
  • Cup and ball
  • Bill magic
  • Magic to prank children’s hands
  • Magic that everyone can do


It was a magic show for children, one hour long, but everyone could watch it without losing concentration.

At the end of the session, the representatives of the English classroom received a thank-you email from the children saying they had a very good reputation.
I wanted to work hard with my little child!

Thanks to its good reputation, we will be calling you next year.

The details are written in the following blog, so please see if you like.

Magic show at Halloween party in English classroom in Kujinbutsu, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

If you would like to call a magician for a Halloween party, please contact us.