The magic show that calls a magician on Halloween is still in time!



Halloween is approaching this year too.

In Japan, there is a feeling that has been established in the last few years. It may have been a little unique excitement, just dressed up and rampaging in Shibuya, but what about?

By the way, is this Halloween event any plans for an event this year?

It seems that there are many events such as home parties with friends, schools for children, and Halloween events held by local residents’ associations.

I think that it will be a fun event just by dressing up and getting excited.

Halloween has such a fun atmosphere that it is exciting.

So I think it will be fun enough, but if you put a magic show there, the fun atmosphere will be boosted and it will be a magic show more than usual.

Very Halloween and magic nicely it’s.

So I highly recommend it.

By the way, today is the 20th day when Halloween is imminent. Is it possible to call a magician in the future?

The answer is possible !

In Japan, the culture of inviting professional magicians to liven up parties has not yet penetrated.

Many people think that doing that is a matter of being rich with plenty of money.

However, all the merchandise is affected by deflation today, so the magic show dispatch fee is not immune to deflation.

In particular, magicians like me who are doing personally are quite affordable.

For a home party , the price starts at 20,000 yen per hour .

There is also an improvised close-up magic from 12,000 yen that can be applied for one week before .

In this case , even individuals and couples can easily call magicians.

So it is recommended!

The schedule is currently open, so please consider it.

I’ve experienced Halloween parties several times, but are they so reputable that I’m okay with this magician? Even if you are uneasy, you may want to call again after the show.